Bicycle Hire Agreement

_______I understand that this activity may result in risks associated with other bicycles and traffic or road conditions. The tenant guarantees and undertakes to continue to protect the interests of the bike and/or other equipment by ensuring that the bike is always attached to a fixed object in case of unsupervised use. Even if it is locked, it is the responsibility of tenants to protect the welfare of cycling and/or equipment and not to leave unattended for a long time. Everyone has to explain that they are fine and that the view is a good standard. That you do not suffer from an illness or disability that may have a negative effect on normal bike/kayak/surfboard/paddleboard control. You must sign and return your terms of use contract before the setting can begin. We are able to get a signature on delivery. Renunciation and release: In view of the Heritage bikes and rentals that rent this bike to my child, I expressly release and release Heritage Bikes – Rentals and its associated companies, officers, agents and employees from any liability or claim for injuries, illnesses, deaths or loss of property that I/my child may suffer while renting this bike and participating in the bicycle. This discharge includes liability or claims for injuries, illnesses, death or damage caused by the negligence of Heritage Bikes – Rentals or its related companies, executives, agents or employees. I intend, by waiving the opening and unblocking agreement of Heritage Bikes – Rentals, to keep them free of liability for such property damage, personal injury or loss of life, whether through negligence of Heritage Bikes – Rentals or because of a breach of the warranty or other legal theory.

When this document is signed, I fully recognize that if my child suffers injury, illness, death or damage while renting the bike or riding the bike, I have no right to take legal action or take legal action against Heritage Bikes – Rentals or its associated companies, officers, agents or employees, even if they or any of them cause my injury, illness, death or injury. Life Jackets are available for every kayak or paddleboard rental and it is highly recommended that everyone wear them despite their level of experience. Your credit/debit card data is stored at Go By Cycle for the duration of your lease. This information is destroyed when the equipment is returned in satisfactory condition. The person signing the lease form is financially liable for losses or damage to the leased equipment and is fully aware of these terms and conditions. The customer agrees to provide the credit card data HERITAGE BIKES – RENTALS, only as a precaution: I authorize HERITAGE BIKES – RENTALS to charge the registered credit card for any possible charges in case of damage to the bicycle during my rental period, fully subject to the work obligation, unless I can prove the mistakes of others with evidence and all the information necessary for reimbursement. In case of theft, I am responsible for the reimbursement of HERITAGE BIKES – RENTALS for the original price of the bike, plus the cost of all accessories made available at the time of bike rental. _______I understand that there are no bike tracks in Perth.

______Helmets are included in the rental price and must be worn at any time while you are riding bikes rented from Heritage Bikes – Rentals. When a customer is seen riding a rental bike without a helmet, they must immediately return the bike without a refund.

— bella.mark