Ibm Websphere Portal License Agreement

End User Licensing Agreement (BAL) | An agreement between the software provider and the end user. This agreement explains the rights and restrictions related to the relationship of use of the software. For i5/OS, the installation location of the WebSphere Portal portal server component is recorded as portal_server_root and refers to the UserData path, if the subject in which you see it is specified otherwise. The variable profile_root below refers to the name of the IBM WebSphere Application server profile. Disabled cores (POWER) | Deactivated nuclei are usually flagged by scanning tools as activated nuclei. Deactivated nuclei generally do not need to be licensed (with the exception of selected ad letters (PLETs) or license information documents (LIs) for a given product/edition/version contain explicitly deactivated cores at full capacity, as they exclude restrictions imposed by operating system commands, BIOS settings or similar restrictions.) IBM customers should be aware that this topic is being discussed. 3. International License Agreement for Evaluation of Programs (ILAE) – offers a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use a program solely for evaluation, testing or demonstration purposes, on a test or try-and-buy basis. The evaluation period begins on the date the underwriter accepts the terms of the agreement and ends on the earliest date: a) the end of the validity period, or b) the date indicated by IBM in the license information or in a transaction document, or the day the program automatically disables.

Secure Data Room | The infrastructure on the client`s site consists of a private space with independent computers without a network connection, used exclusively by accountants to work on confidential customer data. This data will never leave the Secure Data Chamber and the client`s premises. Typically, auditors sign a special confidentiality agreement – with very strong obligations and contractual penalties – before being allowed access to the data in the secure data area. OMTCO recommends constant monitoring of auditors in the secure data area during working hours. OMTCO offers secure data chambers for all businesses. 1. International Product License Agreement (IPLA) – is the type of agreement used by IBM to license software distributed worldwide. The IPLA, including licensing documents (LI), grants customers a non-exclusive license to use IBM software.

All software under the IPLA has a warranty. IPLA applies to IBM software such as data management tools, application development tools, systems management tools and IBM software for a host-based Linux environment, such as WebSphere Application Server for Linux on the z. Initial Fixed Term License (in/FTL) system | First acquisition of a term licence. IBM offers different conditions, usually one year. The IBM license then contains the words ” Initial Fixed Term License – SW Maintenance 12 Months.” AusI (single authorized user installation) | One of IBM`s metrics. The AUSI metric is a development of the “Authorized Users” metric with a limitation of the number of installations installed. The licensee must receive separate and dedicated privileges for each authorized user who directly or indirectly accesses the program at each facility. An example of a product that can be licensed with the AUSI metric: IBM Informix Growth Edition V11.70. | virtualization A technology used for the flexibility and scalability of the infrastructure and which abstracts the physical device.

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