Standard Equine Lease Agreement

The horse lease can be used when an applicant owns a horse and wishes to lease it to another person. The terms of your agreement must be defined and all aspects must be clarified. This document has two types. The first is a full-time horse deal. In this case, the borrower has full access to the animal for the duration set by the parties. The second type is a lease for boarding horses. After this species, both parties have access to the horse and share the financial responsibility of the animal. “We were looking for a pony for Chelsea to be a child hunter. We knew she was going to grow the pony in a year, so instead of investing to buy one, a lease was more feasible.

That way, we wouldn`t have to worry about selling the pony and wondering if we could get the price we paid. Chelsea Babcock, another student at South Wind Stables, rented her first pony for another reason. His mother, Lisa, said it was a purely practical decision. While the list of reflections may seem frightening at first glance, horse leases can and often work for the benefit of both parties – and also for the horse. The key is to be informed before any agreement, to enter into a lease agreement with only one person you trust, to adapt the conditions to your respective situation and to ensure that the conditions are fair before accepting them. The agreement may be accompanied by documents confirming the ownership of the horses. They may also be asked to attach documents indicating the horse`s health. Prepare these facilities in advance. “The whole reason we did it was to see if Haley liked to take care of a horse and take responsibility for it. We didn`t know how serious she was at first.

That`s why we made a big investment,” explained Roberta. The medical cost of the horse must also be taken into account. For most full leases, the tenant pays for the cost of footwear and vet for the duration of the lease. However, there is always a risk of the horse`s accident, injury or illness during this period. Please determine in advance who should be responsible for exceptional veterinary expenses (for example. B an emergency response) or current veterinary fees. Often it makes sense to invest in equine insurance. Perhaps you would like to see coverage that not only covers death, but also covers higher medical costs, such as colic surgery or “loss of use.” Horse rental contracts can be found online; However, you should consider carefully if you want to use it.

— bella.mark