University Accountability Agreement Ugc

In response to public concerns about the governance and accountability of publicly funded higher education institutions, including higher education funding, UGC-funded universities and the UGC worked together to create a University Accountability Agreement (AAU). The agreement is a public confirmation of the commitments made by the contracting parties to provide high-quality teaching, research and related activities to Hong Kong`s greatest benefit. The UGC confirms the funding that each university must provide with conditions/expectations during the period, while each university reaffirms its responsibility for all funds received from the UGC and its commitment to obtain cheap funding for the use of public funds. The AAU also defines performance measures at the sectoral and institute-wide level in the areas of activity identified. These performance actions help to ensure institutional responsibility for pre-defined objectives and to demonstrate that universities are required to continuously improve quality in line with their respective areas of excellence. Lingnan University is recognized as the first free arts university in the world and stands out for its quality of teaching, internationalization and research with social and lasting importance. I am writing to request the University Responsibility Inquiry Contract (UAA) signed between each university funded by the UGC and the UGC (including all annexes/annexes/annexes (if any). As an integral part of the AAU, the University`s strategic plan contains clear development priorities, measurable goals and important performance indicators for monitoring overall institutional performance and resource efficiency. . The main performance indicators of the strategic plan are ranked downwards at the department level. Regular review of departmental performance using strategic objectives is conducted through the balanced scorecard (BSC) system, a strategic performance tracking and management tool.

The results of the BSC system are used to support performance evaluation, decision-making and the allocation of evidence-based resources. . If you are not satisfied with this decision, in accordance with the code “access to information” – a) you can request an internal review of the decision by the Secretary General, the Higher Education Scholarships Committee, writing to the UgC Access to Information representative as follows: access to the Desminat Commission 7/F Shui Information Committee on Centre 6-8 Harbour Road Wan Hongchai Kong or (b) file a complaint with the Ombudsman: 30/F, China Merchants Tower Shun Tak Centre 168-200 Connaught Road Central Hong Kong Phone: (852) 2629 0555 Fax: (852) 2882 8149 Gree, University Grants Committee Secretariat .

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