Wayfair Credit Card Agreement

To apply for a Wayfair credit card, you can click “Apply Now” on this page or call 1-866-513-5795. If you have any questions about your balance or order status, you can contact Wayfair Customer Service at 1-844-611-5018. Tip: Your old Wayfair credit card account will be closed, but your premiums can be cashed until September 10, 2021. Can`t be combined with other discount or financing offers. The offer only applies to the first Wayfair order made with your Wayfair or Wayfair Mastercard credit card. The total order must be $250 or more (excluding taxes, deliveries, other discounts). Subject to credit authorization. Wayfair Credit Card – Wayfair Mastercard is issued by Citibank, N.A. Citi and Arc Design is a registered service mark of Citigroup Inc.

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and district design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. In September 2020, APRs exceeded 26% for purchases of both cards. But the cards offer the possibility of being set aside for qualifying purchases from Wayfair sites. (You don`t deserve rewards for purchases for which you opt for deferred interest.) Financing options are available at all Wayfair retail sites with the Wayfair credit card and the Wayfair Mastercard. See below for the plans currently available. To use the financing, use your Wayfair or Wayfair Mastercard credit card to pay and select your desired financing plan at the cash register. If your order is qualified for multiple financing plans, you will receive legitimate options and you can choose one to apply for your order. If you want different financing plans for each product in your order, please place several orders. The Wayfair Mastercard and Wayfair extend the ability to earn rewards for purchases with cards (with different reward structures) or to obtain interest-free financing – not both.

First, here`s a look at the bonus offers on each card: Whether it`s a private label (the Wayfair credit card) or a co-branded retail card (the Wayfair Mastercard) is for you, depending on your spending habits and reward preferences. You`ll find more help in bankrate policies to shop for the perfect retail credit card. The new cards will receive rewards that you can use for purchases on Wayfair`s websites. Wayfair has launched two new credit cards due to the retirement of the original card issued by Comenity Bank late last week. Check to see if you qualify for the Wayfair credit card. It is not a credit application. With its new credit cards, Wayfair offers the following financing opportunities: If you are due for furniture purchases, a furniture home credit card can offer the opportunity to earn bonuses for your purchases or finance them. On the other hand, these cards are usually just a good choice for branded loyalists, due to limited rewards and gaining opportunities for redemption.

Credit cards also tend to reduce credit limits and high RPOs. According to Comenity Bank, existing Card Card Holders in the Wayfair Credit Card Program were required to use their accounts by September 10, 2020 (after the accounts opened). Fortunately, existing cardholders have a whole year (until September 10, 2021) to collect the rest of their rewards. However, you can no longer use your credit card and it will be cancelled once you have completed the payment. Wayfair gets rid of its old credit card and launches two best deals “With the Wayfair Credit Card and Wayfair Mastercard, we are also able to reward our loyal customers with more benefits and benefits than ever before,” Larry Lataif, Wayfair`s director of U.S. consumer finance, said in a press release. “We are pleased to work with Citi Retail Services to make it even more rewarding for our customers to create a home they love.” The two credit card products, the Wayfair credit card and Wayfair Mastercard, have no annual fee and more attractive rewards than the old version

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