Wbsedcl Agreement

4.Si the SOLAR PV panel and its protection system with the Concerned DM/Representative of RM synchronization system is found in order during inspection with the control team, the consumer must execute the standard agreement with the relevant DM/RM in dual-version buffer paper. 6. The count is carried out according to the methodology indicated in the standard agreement for net-metering purposes, using billing software designed for this purpose. The application form (Procedure A) can only be retrieved from the relevant PSPEDCL 5 agency. OR the application form (Procedure A) can be downloaded free of charge on the WBSEDCL website (www.wbsedcl.in). . After the service load and security depots are filed, observations are made in the premises about its readiness and the clear condition, the connection will be made after the consumer`s request. . At the time of collection, the form must be submitted at least two days before the start of the link, duly completed with the documents listed in the application form.

Once the request is received, an inspection will be carried out by the regional commercial manager/Central Department of Commerce for the techno-commercial feasibility study and will also ask: During collection/download, the form can be completed and can be submitted with the following documents to the Relevant Customer Care Center: It must be provided by the developer of the common room duly lit and properly ventilated, without obstacle to the installation of the necessary meters. . All documents will be verified by the relevant Customer Care Center and a cum offer received for Earnest Money will be issued. The earnest money required as follows – All documents are verified by the relevant office and an offer from Service Connection Charge and Security Deposit are issued. After the completion of the new installation/extension order related to the bulk connection, the completion report will be communicated by the agency to the relevant division office, which will in turn be communicated to the regional/central economics office. At the same time, the department`s office will oppose the proposal to the WBSEDCL part of the facility before the electrical inspector for approval. If the applied load is up to 200 KVA, an immediate letter of offer is generated. For a load of more than 200 KVA, the next steps must be followed. . .

. If necessary, after filing Earnest`s money offer, the expected consumer may approach to separately worry the Customer Care Center with the letter of approval from concern Region/Central Commercial Office for Construction Power, taking into account all necessary formalities, as applicable to intentional industrial consumers. The category of eligible consumers requires compliance with the conditions of net measurement according to the scheme, if solar photovoltaic panels are installed in their premises on the roof: i) the common connection necessary for the residential/commercial complex (ii) For the individual service connection, the occupant or owner of each dwelling or unit unit of this complex must apply as an intentional consumer of the complex. the dwelling unit/business unit in accordance with the WBSEDCL PROCEDURES-A procedure and insert a photo of the size shown on the surface indicated in that form.

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