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If you decide to continue discussions with a potential partner on joint product development, a cooperation agreement on the development and commercial operation of that product should be concluded. This product is also often referred to as the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Here you will find information on NTNU`s proposed contracts for research activities with external parties. Please note that agreements are made with external parties with NMBU as a contractor and not with individual researchers. . There are many reasons to write a good NOA, for example if you share information about an invention with third parties before you file a patent application. In this case, the NDA may be decisive in determining whether the invention is patentable or not at a later date. . The agreement can be used for example. B in the dialog box with a potential partner, developer or manufacturer. The confidentiality agreement is an important signal to the person who meets you that the information you provide is something you do not want to distribute and that it involves legal responsibility in signing the agreement.

A contract is signed for all projects funded outside by NTNU. If NTNU is responsible for preparing the contract, you must use the templates on this page. A confidentiality agreement is an agreement on the secrecy of information that a party accesses. If you have to allow someone to have access to information while being sure that they cannot disclose the information – or use the information to your own advantage, you need a confidentiality agreement. A non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is an agreement on the secrecy of information to which a contractor has access. Parties are generally partners, employers and employees, potential investors or others who have access to trade/trade secrets and/or know-how. Confidentiality agreements must protect you from the disclosure of confidential information. A confidentiality agreement obviously does not guarantee that someone will disseminate information that violates the agreement, but facilitates the post-mortemness of this infringement, which may be essential in terms of compensation and patentability. Mari Augensen (research lawyer – on leave) If you are starting a new business or have a good idea, it may be worth protecting the idea through a confidentiality agreement if you are going/must share information with others. Such a deal can be used by anyone and is a good defense against someone who steals your idea, makes a copy of your product or plagias the idea in another way. You must use a confidentiality agreement with care and diligence.

It may be helpful not to say more details than necessary, even if you use such agreements. Note that the agreement only applies to information that is not yet known to the public. Content Contributor research Mission EU research AGREEMENTS Confidentiality agreements Material Transfer Agreement – MTA Letter of intent agreements on general cooperation Economic conditions and project organisation More: Funding for contribution and staffing (BOA) Public sector missions: when the public sector orders NMBU research and investigation contracts or when NMBU, as a public contractor, orders research and investigation contracts from other research and research organizations, consideration should be given to the use of the department`s standard agreement. A confidentiality agreement should be applied with care and diligence. The confidentiality agreement often enters the process when the interested party has already shown an interest in the basic idea and then wants to go further in the in-depth analysis. Before you open access to essential information, you must sign a privacy policy. A Confidentiality Agreement / Non Discolosure Agreement (NDA) / Confidentiality Agreement is used in many contexts. The document ensures that parties who have access to confidential information are required to keep this information confidential.

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